What is a timing belt?

The timing belt is a multi-layer rubber belt armed with special woven threads, which is actually the interface between the crankshaft and the valve stem, that is, it is set in such a way that when the crankshaft rotates, it also rotates the valve stem and, of course, causes the valves to move, that is why it is also called a timing belt. will be The timing belt should be considered a part of internal combustion engine parts.The use of timing belts became common in 1945, but for the first time in 1962, timing belts were widely used in car engines.

The timing belt is an essential component in the car that facilitates the important function of combustion in the car engine. This belt also coordinates the rotation of the valve shaft and the crankshaft. The valve shaft or camshaft is a component of the car that is responsible for opening and closing the valves and connects the timing belt, crankshaft and valve shaft together.If we want to explain in other words how the timing belt works, I must say that this part regulates the opening and closing time of the valves by synchronizing the rotation speed of the crankshaft with the valve shaft.

Since the work of the timing belt is to adjust the opening and closing timing of the valves, any slippage of this belt on the pulley connected to the crankshaft or the valve shaft will cause problems in the operation of the engine, that’s why there are teeth on this belt, which are located on toothed pulleys. takes and thus no slippage takes place. The presence of these teeth has made installing the timing belt not as easy as other belts such as the dynamo belt. It is enough to install a timing belt with a few teeth moved or the base of these teeth are placed in the wrong place, then serious damage will be done to the engine. For this reason, replacing the timing belt should be done by a professional mechanic and repairman and should not be left to anyone. In four-stroke engines, for every two revolutions that the crankshaft rotates, the valve shaft will rotate one revolution, which is coordinated by the timing belt.

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