Alternator belt

This belt, which is located in front of the engine, is an important part of the engine that controls the performance of different parts of the car.

This belt affects the performance of different components such as water pump, radiator fan, alternator and air conditioning system.

This belt is moved by the pulley connected to the crankshaft, and by turning around the pulley, it controls the operation of the components of the water pump, the ventilation system and the dynamo.

Without this belt, the hydraulic pump, air conditioning system, and alternator will not work.

An increase in the temperature of the engine due to the failure of the water pump can also damage the engine.

The lifespan of the alternator belt

The lifespan of the dynamo belt depends on the type of material it is made of.

To have an overview, it can be said that old design belts generally last around 80,000 kilometers.

While belts made of EPDM materials, EPDM d. While belts made of materials can be used up to 150 thousand kilometers.

Cracks on the belt

  1. A break, cut or tear on the belt
    Alternator belt greasing
    A squeak from under the hood

    This could indicate a stretched belt.

  1. Rapid heating and continuous boiling of the car

As mentioned, one of the components controlled by this belt is the water pump.

In case of its failure, the water pump is also out of order and due to the lack of water flow in the engine, the car heats up quickly and boils.

  1. Steering hydraulic system not working properly

If this belt is loose, the steering hydraulic system will fail.

  1. Cooler and ventilation system not working properly

Among the components under the control of the propeller belt are the water pump and the ventilation system.

Obviously, if it breaks down, the cooler will not work properly and the car will not have proper ventilation.

  1. The battery warning light comes on while the car is on.

The alternator belt rotates the alternator and charges the battery as a result.

So, if the belt is damaged, the battery will not be charged and the battery light will turn on.


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