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What is a timing belt?

The timing belt is one of the main parts used in the car. In fact, without a timing belt, the car does not turn on and even the car engine does not start. This belt connects these two parts of the engine by being placed on the pulleys of the crankshaft and valve stem. The timing of the operation of the mills valves is also done by the timing belt. So that with every two revolutions of the crankshaft, the valve rotates one revolution. That is, the number of rotations of the mill valve is half a turn less than the crankshaft.


Signs of problems in the way the timing belt works

  1. Abnormal vibration in the engine with the help of lighter gears
  2. causing problems when starting and moving the car
  3. Also knocking under the hood while driving
  4. Too much smoke coming out of the car exhaust
  5. Cracking and decay
  6. The car does not start
  7. Oil leakage from the timing belt cover or from the front of the car

Important tips for replacing the timing belt kit

In cars that always have more functionality than other cars, this part needs to be replaced before four years or 60,000 kilometers.

The important thing to pay attention to when replacing the timing belt is that it is better to replace the timing belt at the same time as the complete timing belt kit.

Timing belt and dynamo belt have equal life, so they are replaced at the same time


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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, the average life of the timing belt is between 80 and 100 thousand kilometers. I changed it at 83000 km while driving fast. The history of oil and water leakage around the cover time also causes early replacement. For the idlers, when the belts are opened, you can test all the idlers and replace them if they don’t flow or make noise.

There are many timing belts with different brands available in the market.

Etihad Tesme Mutlaq Company offers the best timing belts with a valid warranty by receiving international OEM quality licenses and conforming to ISO, ISIRI, JASO global standards.

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